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Moving Day Tips

The first night in your new home can be stressful. Packing a few must have items can reduce the stress for you and your family. Having these items packed together and in your car can make it much easier when arriving. The attached list can help you or... Read more

Steps in home buying

The home buying process can be a confusing experience, the following steps can help make it easier for you as a buyer to understand the process . Step 1: Visit with a lender – This is an important first step, the lender will be able to explain t... Read more

6 simples steps to help sell your home

6 simple steps to help sell your house . Using the fridge: Stuff goes on the inside, not on the outside.. Take down all of the stuff you have on your refrigerator. From “save the date” notices, to school photos of friends’ kids you g... Read more

Small Rooms

Selling the space you have is not always easy when you have a small room. The key is to make each room feel larger than it actually is. There are a few inexpensive ways to accomplish this. The first thing to remember is light. In a small room, use ... Read more

Get the edge over your competition

Selling a home requires more than putting a for sale sign in the yard. Todays market has changed, and you have competition, lots of it. So to give yourself and edge, Start by hiring an agent that is knowledgeable of the area, that agent will be able ... Read more

Listing your home during the Holiday season.

Who moves during the holidays?? A question you might find yourself thinking about this time of year. If you have been considering a move, it might seem overwhelming to plan it during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But here are some things... Read more

Finding an agent

Finding the right real estate agent when you’re ready to buy a home. When buying a home, finding the right can make all the difference . You want an agent that will work for you with enthusiasm, but you should never feel pressured by an agent.... Read more

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