Today we see many articles  and now television shows on how to organize  your home,  it has  almost become a trend .    The main problem with starting to organize and declutter you living space is many of us make a larger mess in the process, we run out of time, then wind up not accomplishing anything and throwing everything back into the closet to deal with later.   There are several methods out there,  if it brings you joy keep it,   sounds like  great method  but that skillet in my kitchen doesn’t bring me joy, but I need it.    Another popular idea is the have 3 baskets, 1 for things to keep, 1 for things to get rid and 1 for items you haven’t made a decision on.. The problem is  unless you make the decision then, you will just keep it in that basket and never make that decision.

 Here are few hints of how to accomplish the task of organizing without overwhelming yourself.   Start small, and realize that you do not have to organize the entire house in a day.    Attitude is key. 

Set goals,  10 minutes a day works great for many people , you can do a small project like the bathroom medicine chest and get rid of expired items.  

Break larger projects into smaller ones that can be accomplished in a short period of time, clean out 1 kitchen drawer or 1 cabinet a day. 

Closets, are always a big project, but instead of taking everything out and using an entire day, break it down,  use the 10 minutes to  look for things you no longer wear.

Donating is a fantastic way to get rid of those things you no longer want but  have a plan to get it out of your house, pick a day and use your ten minutes of organization time to deliver the donation.

10 minutes a day isn’t much but you will be shocked at what  you can accomplish.  Getting rid of clutter will also help reduce stress in your life and   make your home a more relaxing place for you and your family.