6 simple steps to help sell your house

.  Using the fridge:  Stuff goes on the inside, not on the outside..  Take down all of the stuff you have on your refrigerator. From “save the date” notices, to school photos of friends’ kids you got in Christmas cards, to all the artwork made by your little ones.  Don’t forget the stuff on the sides, too.

 A picture is worth a thousand… dollars off your list price

Pack up and store personal photos. You want the potential buyer to see themselves in the home. 

.  It’s a gray area

If any of the walls in your house are painted bold, non-traditional or non-matching colors, repaint them a neutral color.

Curtain call

Curtains are like clothes for your house Go with basic classic styles

 Nix the knick knacks

Less is more

You want your home to SELL, not smell

Most houses have a smell. Make yours a good one. If you have pets, makes sure litter boxes, pet beds and feeding areas are sparkling clean. Then, buy two or three nice candles in scents like vanilla, or a citrus .