Selling a home requires more than putting a for sale sign in the yard.   Todays market has changed, and you have competition, lots of it.   So to give yourself and edge,  Start by hiring an agent that is knowledgeable of the area, that agent will be able to answer any questions a buyer may have.   Make sure your agent uses several sources of marketing, websites, printable ads and social media all are great sources of advertising. The more people reached by the marketing the more potential buyers for your property.

As a seller you can do a few simple things to make your home more attractive to the buyer. Here are few things that help to prepare your home for a showing.

  1. Have your home sparkling clean, dust free, remove clutter and vacuum
  2. Remove pet bowls and litter boxes.  
  3. Open all curtain and blinds to let the light in, turn on lights.
  4. Make the front door and entry as inviting as possible, a door mat, wreath, or plant all  work well.
  5. Organize cabinets, closets and storage areas
  6. A light scent in the home of something baking is always a great touch.

By following these simple tips, your property will have an advantage in the market!