Selling the space you have is not always easy when you have a small room.  The key is to make each room feel larger than it actually is.   There are a few inexpensive ways to accomplish this.  The first thing to remember is light.    In a small room, use sheer window treatments to allow the sunlight to come in, if you do not have large windows then invest in a couple of lamps to help lighten up the darker areas of the room.   By having the room well light it gives the room the   illusion of being larger.

 Other tricks and tips:

Paint the room with a light cool color, this will reflect light.  

 Add a large mirror in the room the reflection will instantly make the room feel larger.

Declutter:  cluttered areas in the room draws the eye naturally toward that area and it quickly becomes a focal point, sending the message that the room is small. 

Stay away from bold or fussy prints with rugs and other décor.   Remove any extra furniture that is not needed.   By using these tips you will be able to make your small room appear larger to a potential buyer.