Landscaping plays a very important part of how  your home is   viewed especially in the Spring.    Spring is a season of new growth and new beginnings, lawns are beginning to turn green, flowers  are blooming  and shrubs and trees are beginning to bud.      There are a few things  to consider  when you start your spring landscaping.  The first is the dreaded clean up,  your flower beds will need to be cleaned do to  leaves and  debris that have accumulated over the winter.    Fresh mulch is often needed.  Now for the plantings, rather you are starting from the beginning or just wanting to incorporate some new plantings there are a few things to consider.   First your climate, you need to pick plants that will adapt and thrive in your area.  Before you start it is a good idea to map out what you are wanting to do.  This will save you money because you will not over purchase plants, remember everything grows,  plan for growth so consider  what the size will be a maturity.   Plan for the maintenance, every plant has maintenance but if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy spending time taking care of your flower garden check with your local nursery and get some suggestions , there are many plants available that require very little care once planted.  The last thing to consider is the style of your home,  just like decorating the inside of your home your flower gardens need to accent the style of your home.  For instance if your home in a Victorian style a cactus garden would not accent your home.   There are many ideas out there so inspiration is everywhere, just keep these basic principles in mind and you will have great success in your plantings and benefit from a well landscaped yard.